Hyaluronic acid

With what does hyaluronic acid help?

Do you long for fuller lips? The simple solution is to apply hyaluronic acid. Insertion into deeper layers of the skin ensures hydration of surrounding tissues. The product binds and maintains moisture.

Your lips gain in volume, your skin tightens and wrinkles smoothen. The procedure is suitable for all age groups.

The application is preceded by a consultation with a physician who recommends the filling volume. The high-quality product also contains an anesthetic, so the procedure for the patient is painless. The result is visible immediately, yet hyaluronic acid absorbs moisture for another 24 hours. So, after a few days you can see the final effect and any negative manifestations will subside. If necessary, an enzyme which cleaves hyaluronic acid can be administered. The product is gradually absorbed over a long period of time.

Price list of procedures

1 Injection 1ml
200 €
2 Injections 2x1ml
350 €
3 Injections 3x1ml
450 €

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