Removal of blood vessels

How the removal of blood vessels goes on?

The reason for creating small red blood vessels is to reduce the quality of elastic fibers in the vessel wall. They are most often formed in the area of the face, nose, or they are of violet color and are situated in the lower limbs. The solution for that is laser removal, when the light beam bound the blood pigment (hemoglobin) penetrates and the light energy is converted into heat inside the vessel. The vessel is then contracted, ceasing to function, disintegrating, and being gradually absorbed.

We offer a non-invasive solution using state-of-the-art Nd: YAG laser device with maximum comfort throughout the whole procedure and with minimal count of repetitions.

Execution of the procedure is not time consuming, it takes just minutes and depends on the extent of the site being treated. The healing time is usually fast. Removal of veins is permanent, but it is important to keep in mind that if you have precondition creating them, you may create more over time.


Price list of procedures

Title (NdYag laser treatment)
40 €
Cheeks (both)
80 €
Cheeks and nose
100 €
50 €
Nose and beard
80 €
Whole face
150 €
Angioma (to 5pcs)
50 €
Hemoangioma (spider névus)
50 €
Title (Vascular lesions in the lower extremities)
Laser treatment of vascular lesions (palm size area)
od 100 €

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