Application of botulinum toxin

Where to apply botulinum toxin?

Wrinkles are an essential part of the aging process. The application of botulinum toxin is a very effective way to prevent aging and also to effectively deal with excessive sweating.

Botulinum toxin, botox, botulinum is a product of the bacterium Clostridium botulinum and this toxin is used in aesthetic medicine, but also in conventional medicine for many indications, mostly in neurology and dermatovenerology.

In the case of wrinkles, it is most commonly used in the forehead area, at the outer edges of eye corners, at the base of the nose and at the neck. The process usually repeats after 4-9 months, without scarring. The application is very simple and painless. The principle is the dysfunction of some facial muscles, thus eliminating facial expression, skin bending, and thus wrinkles formation. It also works on excessive sweating. y applying botox, miniature muscles that are responsible for emptying sweat glands are temporarily disabled.

Price list of procedures

One application zone (including material)
120 €
Two application zones (including material)
200 €
Three application zones (including material)
280 €
Excessive underarm sweating (both sides)
360 €

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