Cellulite reduction

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite, referred to as “orange peel”, is an aesthetic problem that affects women, but is also encountered in men. All age groups suffer from cellulite, not just overweight women. The main places affected by cellulite are hips, thighs, but often also buttocks and, to a lesser extent torso and hands. What are the main causes of cellulite formation? Mostly it’s genetics and social factors, hormones or estrogens, obesity, inappropriate nutrition and lack of exercise.

Our cellulite removal procedure is based on the latest patented Coolwaves ™ technology that focuses its energy directly on the affected fat cells with minimal heat effect.

Due to the high efficiency of the offered solution, there is no need to complete a large number of procedures. The need for repetition is thus individually determined based on the results of the first session.


Price list of procedures

Lower limb cellulite
300 €

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