Laser epilation

How does laser hair removal take place?

Do you regularly fight with hair in undesirable places and their time-consuming removal, which is only temporary? We offer you a painless, durable, skin-friendly, epidermal laser epilation with Alexandrite Laser with patented Move technology that has the strongest effect on hair follicles among all the epilation technologies used. The benefits of this treatment are mainly time-saving, financial savings for razor blades, waxes, creams and especially a permanent solution of the problem.

The solution we offer is maximally painless, skin friendly and can be applied to a variety of skin types and colors. Thanks to all these advantages, there are no restrictions on walking in direct sunlight.

Laser can epilate any part of the body. In women, it is most often epilation of hairs over the upper lip, chin, armpits, calves and intimate parts. Men seek depilation of calves, back, neck and chest.


Price list of procedures

Upper lip
50 €
50 €
Upper lip and beard
80 €
Cheeks (both)
80 €
80 €
100 €
Armpits and bikini
150 €
Forearm (both)
100 €
Whole upper limbs
200 €
The surrounding area of breast nipples
60 €
Belly button area
50 €
150 €
220 €
Shins (both sided)
150 €
150 €
Whole lower limbs
250 €
Eyebrows, ears, nose
á 30 €
Shins and bikini or underarms
200 €

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