Thread lifting

What is Thread lifting?

Do you notice a loss of volume, or a change in structure on your face? Do you have flabby skin or have you noticed deterioration in skin elasticity? Are you afraid of radical surgery, or do you have other reasons why you cannot complete this procedure? Or are you after a surgical facelift but you aren’t satisfied? The answer to your questions can be facial rejuvenation with a less invasive procedure with short convalescence. The thread lifting, which we also call “mesonite”, solves deep wrinkles, circles under the eyes, dropped eyebrows, sagging face contours.

It is a very fast, mini-invasive procedure that is simple, without scars, only with local anesthesia. The thread lifting method is almost without risk of bleeding.

The procedure is outpatient with local anesthesia and appropriate premedication to ensure the release of preoperative stress. The procedure takes about 60 minutes, depending on the amount of used threads.

A thin needle is inserted with a special absorbent thread in the face or neck area and with minimal stroke is skin smoothing achieved. Micro hooks catch the subcutaneous tissue to allow tissue repositioning. The threads remain in the tissue for several months, during which new ligaments are formed that strengthen the new parts. Besides the absorbability of threads, the positive effect of the released enzymes in the biodegradation of the material is also interesting.

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